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David Howell Chess

We will be posting information concerning his career to date, with photographs and links to chess news sites.

David was born in Eastbourne in 1990, and has been a pupil at St Andrew's School since September 1998.

David has been playing chess since the age of five years and eight months, when he quickly learned to defeat his father following the purchase of a second-hand chess set at a jumble sale. He soon came to the attention of the Sussex Junior Chess Association, and received training from a number of established adult Sussex chess players. He has been the British Under-8, Under-9 and Under-10 chess champion and now plays mostly in open adult chess tournaments, unless he is representing England in the World and European Junior Chess Championships. His training with GM Glenn Flear is sponsored by JEB (Hove) Ltd, the software developer responsible for the BITEM event management website.

In August 1999, David became famous internationally when he broke the world record for the youngest player to have defeated a Grandmaster in an official game. He defeated GM Dr John Nunn in a blitz game at the Mind Sports Olympiad. David still holds this record. He is also the youngest player in the world to have qualified to compete in a national chess championship, taking part in the British chess championship in August 2000. He came fourth in the Player of the Year ballot held by the British Chess Federation during 2000.

He has appeared on Breakfast TV, Blue Peter, Nickelodeon, Good Morning America and several local news programmes.
During the last few years, David has played in France, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium, Ireland, Singapore and the USA.

In 2001, David came joint first in the European Under-12 Chess Championship and joint second in the World Under-12 Championship.

In the recent Hastings Challengers tournament, David became the youngest ever British player to defeat a grandmaster in classical chess when he beat GM Colin McNab.

In March 2002, David drew the last of four games with the Einstein Group World Champion, Vladimir Kramnik, becoming the youngest player in the world to score against a reigning world chess champion in an organised chess match. The resulting publicity led to articles in all the main national newspapers and appearances on CBBC, Channel Four News and the Richard and Judy show.


His ambition is to become a Grandmaster, and to continue playing chess internationally.

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